What's that one smell like?!

We love playing with different scents here at REAL TALK CANDLES. We hold onto our scent superstars (the ones that fly right off the shelf), but we love to switch things up! We keep a rotation of delicious new fragrances, and our trusty tried and trues. Check back often to see what's in stock! We'll be keeping your toes! 


Beach Day

Smells like a day at the beach. Warm, sweet and light. Like sand and sun, fresh ocean air, suntan lotion and a yummy cocktail all at once. 

Laundry Day 

Smells just like Gain detergent. So even if you haven't done your laundry, it'll smell like you have. (This is not an excuse to not do your laundry!) Always a top seller!!

Rose Bouquet 

Enjoy the feeling of indulging in a delightful bouquet of fresh fragrant roses. At the heart of this sweet floral fragrance is the aroma of roses in bloom, with slight touches of carnation and musk. 

Lovely Lilac

Ever walked through a field of lilac bushes? Or even just PAST one? If you have, then you know the all encumbering delicious and consuming floral fragrance that fills your nose and makes you swoon. Lilac. No more need be said. The queen of lovely smelling flowers. Light, floral and soothing. Simply beautiful.

Coconut Kisses

CRAZY FOR COCONUT? Introducing Coconut Kisses. Experience the tropics with a refreshing coconut aroma. Creamy top notes of real coconut intricately blended with peaches, vanilla and base notes of rich butter.
For those of you who love the sweet smell of coconut, this is your candle!

Ms.Vanilla Brown Sugar

HEY THERE MS.VANILLA BROWN SUGAR! The sultry warm smell that makes anyone stop and take notice! She slowly saunters into a room, and before you know it, she’s taken over. Like the swing of her hips, the flavour sways between vanilla and sweet brown sugar. Creamy and Rich.

Take me back to Thailand

While many of us are dreaming of jumping on a plane, and travelling to beautiful countries, for now.. we bring the sweet scents of Thailand to you.
This Ginger Thai lemon Fragrance Oil is a blend of herbs and tea, with fresh scent mixes of bergamot, orange with beautiful notes of ginger, lily and jasmine with a musky base note. It is a beautiful, clean scent with just enough spice to fill our home with the most amazing smell.

Ocean Breeze

The ocean spray is a beach/floral and fresh scent.  If you liked scents like Beach Day or any floral type scent we’ve had, you’re going to love this!


Sweet Orange


White Gardenia