What's that one smell like?!

We love playing with different scents here at REAL TALK CANDLES. We hold onto our scent superstars (the ones that fly right off the shelf), but we love to switch things up! We keep a rotation of delicious new fragrances, and our trusty tried and trues. Check back often to see what's in stock! We'll be keeping your toes! 


Laundry Day 

Smells just like Gain detergent. So even if you haven't done your laundry, it'll smell like you have. (This is not an excuse to not do your laundry!) Always a top seller!!

Ms.Vanilla Brown Sugar

HEY THERE MS.VANILLA BROWN SUGAR! The sultry warm smell that makes anyone stop and take notice! She slowly saunters into a room, and before you know it, she’s taken over. Like the swing of her hips, the flavour sways between vanilla and sweet brown sugar. Creamy and Rich.

Baby Powder

It's just like a baby fresh out of a warm bath, minus any need to change diapers! It's a warm scent that just makes you feel as calm as a sleeping baby!

Sweet Leaf

Has a subtle fresh scent, like a garden of green leaves.

Hot Tea and Honey

Who doesn't love hot tea when the weather gets cooler. It literally smells like Orange Pekoe with the right about of sugar added. All the sweetness without the calories!


A sweet-smelling candle with all the beauty of a pomegranate.

Eucalyptus Mint

Can we Zen out here? The sweet smell of peppermint, and the undertone of Eucalyptus, bring your whole spirit into a healing and soothing space. Guaranteed to help you forget the long day, and just zen out!

Spiced Cranberry

A wonderful fall and winter scent. We liked to add a little spice to the cranberry to give a bit of spunk. It's a musk sweet smell.

Sugared Spruce

A wonderful fall scent. We love Spruce, though the scent can be rather sharp, so we added in a bit of sweet into the mix, to add a warm base. If you love fresh and clean scents, this is the one for you. Perfect for the fireplace.


That cottage you don't have but really want? This is it. Not a house fire type smell, don't worry! More the smell of a sweet wood being warmed over a fire pit... trust me, you'll love it!

Tobacco Flower Bomb

Probably the most misunderstood scents in our line up right now. NO, it doesn't smell like a pack of cigarettes that your Aunt Marg smokes. Tobacco is actually a flower that has a rich and powdering smell. Remember, it's a flower! If you're looking for a diversion from regular floral scents, GIRRRRRL, try this. It's Rachael-Lea's current favourite!

Pineapple Orange

Yummy, and straight to the point. A perfect mix... it's that all-inclusive vacation we all can't go on!!!


The buns, the icing, the Cinnabon... all of it, packed into this baby!