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PRE ORDER - DIY Real Talk Candle Kit

PRE ORDER - DIY Real Talk Candle Kit

Many of you have asked if there was a way to recycle your Real Talk Jars. Well, now you can. With the kit, attached is a QR code with full video instructions on how to clean your old jar and how to make your new pour candle.

*****PLEASE NOTE*****

The wax and fragrance oil have been carefully measured to fill and melt properly with our jars. If you choose to use another jar, we can not guarantee that there will be the right amount of wax and fragrance oil. The wick is also sized for the diameter of our jar. Use our jars to avoid tunnelling - meaning your candle will melt properly instead of unburned wax on the side.

Extra's needed

Glue Gun - around 4.00 at a dollar store, or you can buy on amazon.


** Because we have so many labels, please type in your candle label choice upon checkout***

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