• A great way to test our new seasonal scents is to try them first. Each Crown comes with 7 samples of candles from an array of scents. We have a limited edition of these babies.


Fall Season Scent - September/October


Spiced Harvest Pear - Sweet fruity top notes add a juicy accent to the signature of ripened pear that is accompanied by shimmering musk to complete the blend. Currently the number one choice for Rachael-Lea, the owner.


Sunday Morning Porridge - It's Sunday morning, and it's cool outside. What more could you ask for but waking up to the comforting and inviting smell of A warm blend of light almond combined with wheat notes, vanilla and musk. Bringing you back to the days of Grandma's Porridge and Sunday morning cartoons


Vanilla Icecream and  Pumpkin Pie - For all our pumpkin lover out there... We had to throw in this decadent fragrance of fresh-out-of-the-oven pumpkin pie topped with sweet vanilla icecream. A classic that's always paired with with a comfy sweater.


Basil Sage and Mint - This herbaceous aroma cleverly combines basil with cool notes of garden mint. Sage and lemon blossom top off this crisp, earthy fragrance reminiscent of a flourishing herb garden. A year-round scent.


Obedience -   A Real Talk Original scent. Fire roasted vanilla, Smoldering Woods and the smell of the crack of a leather whip. Yup, we said it. 50 shades of grey meets Sandy from Grease.


Tobacco Cedar - If you liked Tobacco Flower bomb, then you'll love this. Tobacco has a sweet powdery scent accomanied by the warm scent of cedar woods.​Often misunderstood, tobacco has a sweet powdery scent, and does not smell like cigarettes of smoke.


Mr. Emotionally Unavailable -  You know the one! He's sexy as hell, but FOR SURE, doesn't want "anything serious." The scent of Bergamot, Lemon, Clary Sage, berry, Geranium, Orange Blossom, Clove, Nutmeg and patchouli. So many varied spices, like the many excuses of where he was last night.


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Protect your Crown - September/October Light Samples

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