She’s the one person you’ve given the very important task to. My besties know the deal. If anything were to happen to me, you are to hurl my laptop over a balcony and delete all my photos in my phone. They are clear on their duties.

She’s the one that won’t let you leave the house in that outfit. When I see women walking with friends, and she looks like a hot mess, I always say “Those aren’t her friends!”

She stays awake far too many times as you weep over the guy who broke your heart. And even though she was praying that the relationship would run its course, she listened anyway.

She will speak her mind and her truth at the risk of losing the friendship.

And as I get older, I realize that there are more than one bestie in your life… and I’m blessed to have all of them.

And most of all…she buries evidence…all of it.
As one bestie said “I got a shovel and rope…let’s go!”

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