50 Shades of Sexy.png

50 Shades of Sexy

A very similar scent to Abercrombie and Fitch. Crisp, cologne smell that burns beautifully.

April Downy Fresh.png

April Downy Fresh

Smells JUST like it. It’s an unmistakable scent. Clean laundry scent, tumble dried, and oh so fresh! If you loved Laundry Day or Cotton Clean, you’d love this!

Bon Bon Bum3.jpg

Bon Bon Bum

Bon Bon Bum, Bum pronounced (boom) has been around forever! Bet you didn’t know it originated in Colombia! It’s a mix of tropical fruit and smells as great as it tastes!

Caribbean Fruit Punch.png

Caribbean Fruit Punch 

That fruity drink we all long for. Can't go on that all-inclusive vacation? Let's pretend this is the next best thing!

Cozy for Coconut.jpg

Crazy for Coconuts

For the Coconut Fans out there! Also, if you’re looking for a warm but not strong scent, and you love fruit… this is your candle.



Bouquet of lily rose and moss with spring rain. Balanced with sandalwood and musk.

Apple Berry.png

Fresh Apple Berry

Fruity Patootie.png

Fruity Patootie

Hawaiian Breeze.png

Hawaiian Breeze



These vibrant flowers are among the most fragrant flowers. This fragrance is fresh, yet sweet with a nostalgic and uplifting feel.

Lovely Lilac.png

Lovely Lilac


Marvelous Magnolia

A sweet floral scent with a fresh green and intoxicating fragrance of Magnolias. Can we say...Nostalgic?

Oh My Darling Clementine.png

Oh My Darling Clementine

Clementines freshly pealed. Tangy and fresh.

GWEY! Citronella Candle

Orange Citronella

Mosquitos hate it! But boy, do we love it. A twist to the traditional lemon citronella, ours has a citrusy orange scent!

Peaches and Mint.png

Peaches and Mint

Raspberry Blue Mojito.png

Raspberry Blue Mojito

A crisp, fruity scent. The perfect drink on a summer patio.

Rasperry Sweet Mint.png

Raspberry Sweet Mint

Vanilla Butter Cream

Vanilla Butter Cream

One of our sweeter vanillas. Much sweeter than Ms. Vanilla Brown Sugar. Literally smells like a vanilla cream cone on a hot summers’ day.