Leo Candle

LEO CANDLE smells like I'll Cut You Off Quicker Than An Overdue Phone Bill. Don't Talk Dur

The Leo is strong-minded… a little bit of an asshole but also loves deeply. You’d rather gnaw off your own arm than share your feelings. Don’t be fooled by the hard exterior, they love to be loved. You’re a push and pull of Love Me, Now don’t love me, ok…love me again.

Don’t ask them to ask for directions… and if you try to teach them something it better be good!
Leo’s are stylish, and big FLIRTS! Easy to fall in love with a Leo, but don’t mistake their friendly, flirty personalities fool you. Sometimes, it’s just that…being friendly.

They are the life of the party, and a true leader… (whether you’re being led down the right path, is subjective!! And man… do they have the best hair!)

Also, don’t think they are actually looking at you on FaceTime call, they are looking at themselves…guaranteed!