Gemini Candle

GEMINI CANDLE smells like Schedule Me In For Maybe. It's a No, But OK... Maybe..jpg

Happy Birthday, Gemini!

You’re caring, but lock that shit up tighter than Alcatraz. You flirt, but not too much, and when you realize people like you back, you’d prefer to punch them in the arm, than to continue to flirt…punching people in their arm, is your flirting… what’s wrong with people??
Champions in the bedroom apparently. You make 50 shades of grey look like a nursery rhyme.
But y’all never commit… both to dinner plans… and sometimes love. Let’s be honest, A lot of times love.

A “grass is always a bit greener, ok, you bore me now!” kinda vibe.

They are good friends..
Best with knowing the gossip…

And if you’re ever looking for an FBI private investigator, the Gemini will stay up until 3am to find out every last thing about that new dude you’ve been dating… or “dudette”

So rock it with a Gemini… they are fun… full of zest for life and spontaneity …but just don’t mark them down as a Yes… Like Ever!