I'm an Artsy Farsty Toronto Girl, who has a creative brain that never shuts off. Like EVER! Why Real Talk Candles? I suppose it was one of those things that you stumble across. About a year ago, I was decked in the face by a complete stranger. Just standing there waiting for an Uber. "Why the hell me!" I thought. And like most women, we just figure, "ah, it's no big deal. I'll get over it!" Well, it wasn't that easy. Getting more and more afraid to walk freely in public, I took to my candle making as a way to avoid the building anxiety. It was the one thing, I knew, would bring me peace.

I'm also a writer, a playwright, and I hosted a Facebook show called "Real Talk with Rachael-Lea" for two years. Well known by my followers as being "unfiltered", I took my love of Real Talk and controversial conversation and slapped them on my candles. And so "Real Talk Candles" was born.

The goal of Real Talk Candles is more than just a scented candle. It's a statement. It's the kind of candle that causes conversations. Some funny, and some heart warming. But always REAL.

Each one of these candles is hand-poured with love, and I wouldn't have it any other way!

I truly hope you enjoy these candles as much as I loved making them. May they shine light on your day, and give you a little laughter in your life.

Love and Light,


Rachael-Lea Rickards

Head Trouble Maker and Owner

Deanna Elizabeth Jade

Head Trouble Maker's Executive Assistant

VP of Customer Service

Deanna is probably the first voice you'll hear on the other end of the phone when contacting Real Talk Candles. She's fierce at all she does. Funny and bright, as well as a kick ass performer. Managing everything from schedules, customer service, and keeping me sane.

Barbara Ann 

Manager - Production and Distribution

Barb as we call her, is the newest member of Real Talk Candles. Diving into the role of heading up the packaging of our very delicate candles is her specialty. Barb also rolls up her sleeves and helps out in the candle making process. When not working at Real Talk Candles, Barb has a deep invested interested in Music, and is a strong ally for the Black Lives Matter movement.